Monday, 25 April 2011

To Joshua and Melissa

Twiggy, Wednesday, Puhy and Beauty would like to give you a message.

"We have been giving you our milk for many years and in that time we have seen you grow from babes into very lovely people.
We are going to miss you and wish you the best wherever you might be and whatever you might do."

Hi Guys,
That goes for me as well. I have seen you both grow from not being able to reach the milk at the top of the wall to being young adults. We are all going to miss you.
All of us in the dairy are "family" and will be thinking of you as you grow into having families of your own.

May you be as lucky with your families as your Mom and Dad have been with you.

PS Those round things in the photos are "Orbs." They are usually nature spirits and protectors.